Corporate Wellness Dr. Steven Eickenberg

Your employees are your business’ most valuable asset. CAST Corporate Wellness keeps them from also being your biggest expense. Combining primary care, nutritional advice, and personal training for all with chiropractic care and physical therapy for those in need, our Corporate Wellness program harnesses the whole breadth and depth of the clinic to make your workforce the best it can be. Healthy workforce’s need fewer sick days, have lower insurance costs, and even have more energy. Corporate Wellness will help you achieve all those things, while showing your employees how much they matter to you.

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Public companies with the best Corporate Wellness programs outperform the S&P 500:
The Stock Performance of C. Everett Koop Award Winners Compared With the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index

To Beat the Stock Market, Try Investing in Companies That Invest in Workers’ Health

Corporate Wellness’s benefits almost always outweigh the cost, and can achieve 374% return on investment. Yes, you read that right.:
American Journal of Health Promotion